No Way I Can Forget…Literally!

Wow! The things I find out about my past self online. This is a much better setup than the physical organ in my brain that’s taxed with remembering names and dates and what I were thinking about when.

So I’ll post this link to myself and hope that thing in my head will grow a new neuron pathway so I’ll return.

Strangely, this subject and this woman (and her sage) keep pursuing me eight years later. So yes, Sarah and Venus…I am working on the book. Well maybe just on the first actual mechanics of it. You’re not forgotten. Not by a long shot.

This young man showed up today while researching the movie on Fort Lamar. Inheritance is a loaded concept. If you haven’t taught me anything over the last eight years, it’s that.

Barney Dunbar Lamar born 1891.jpg


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